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When one probe photographs another

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has taken a picture of the Opportunity Rover, which, frankly, I think is an amazing picture. The more we learn about Mars and other planets in our solar system, the more we will learn about the Earth’s history.

No doubt some moron like Greg Hoaxland will deny it ever happened, or that it’s some artifact from a long-dead Martian civilisation, but the day I pay attention to him is the day I will pour my brain out of my ear.

October 8th, 2006

Spam, Spyware and Scum

[Since I missed yesterday’s post, I’ll put up two today]

I’ve had to disinfect a laptop that was infested with spyware, not the most pernicious variety – the majority of it was hopelessly amateurish – but highly annoying nevertheless.

Pop-ups were flying, search engines co-opted, dozens (and I do mean dozens) of extraneous processess were starting at boot time and making the whole pc practically grind to a halt.

Most of them were fairly easy to remove, however one remained incredibly stubborn, and took several hours to finally purge. But I managed it.

So, makers of Look2Me and WinAntivirusPro, if I ever meet you I shall remove your kneecaps with a screwdriver.

Then make you eat them.

And when you shit out your kneecaps that I made you eat I’ll make you eat it so you shit out the shit that was your kneecaps.

Then, perhaps, you’ll feel a quadrillionth of how you deserve to feel.

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