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Rip off Britain? The software companies think so

Recently, there was a fuss about the pricing of Adobe Photoshop CS3 when compared between the US and UK, the UK price being nearly double the US price, when the currencies were converted. Adobe never really explained themselves to my (or indeed many peoples’) satisfaction. Still, I got CS3 in any case, because I needed it.

When I received an announcement of the release of Diskeeper 2008, I decided to take the plunge and buy a copy. Off I went to the UK Diskeeper store, and the Pro-Premium edition was priced at £95.20, which is $198.89 at the current exchange rate (thank you collapsing Dollar).

Frankly there was no way I was going to pay so much for even this excellent bit of software, so instead I went to the Diskeeper US store, which priced the self-same product at $99.95, which is currently £47.84, a smidgeon above half the UK price, which I bought and am now happily using.

So, save yourself some money by taking advantage of the global economy and buy your software from US online stores in dollars, and reap the benefit of the weak dollar / strong pound & euro.

PS Diskeeper 2008 really is very good and worth buying, just not at double the US price.

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November 3rd, 2007


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